Staffing & outsourcing

Your Staffing and Employee Outsourcing needs are fulfilled by our highly customized Staffing Solutions, which are built to offer you expertise and flexibility in order to meet your business goals.

Take advantage of our Staffing and Employee Outsourcing to make the most out of your onboarding experience. We are specialized in delivering customized Staff Outsourcing services to all types of organizations, from start-ups to globally established organizations.

Our principal solution is to provide skilled professional Staffs Outsourced to companies in the UAE to meet short, medium or long-term hiring and staffing needs.   

We take care of your recruitment, resident visa sponsorship, payrolls and all other legal formalities, so that you can focus on your core business.

Contact Expert LSS’s recruitment team now to find out
first-hand, how our cutting-edge technology and customized local approach can help you build the winning team you deserve.

Why Should you outsource through us: Expert LSS is one of the leading staff outsourcing service provides in UAE with decades of experience in this domain.  

We deliver highly customized solutions in recruitment and staffing and can deliver end to end solutions independently so that you can focus on your core business. Whether you are looking for On-Demand Staffing, Permanent Recruitment or Temporary Staffing, you can totally count on Expert LSS and it’s highly experience team of consultants, to deliver you apt solutions within your budget and given time line.       


Disclaimer: Staffing & outsourcing services are provided by our associate company having valid “Ön demand labor supply” license from the UAE Ministry of Labor. Expert Labor Supply Services DOES NOT, outsource employees on it’s own visa.